Why add a third column to Blogger?

If you're interested in adding a third column to your free blogger template, search no more. Our blogger tutorials will teach you everything you need to turn your two column blog into a three column blog.

Not only will we show you how to quickly and easily add a third column, but we will show you how to position your new column too. Do you want a new sidebar to the left of the main post? Or do you want your new sidebar to be to the right of the new post, next to the existing sidebar? Or do you want FOUR columns??

Customize Your Blogger Layout

There are many free third-party, three-column template downloads available online. However, downloading hacks can create several disadvantages. First, you may be disappointed with the specific template design, and if so you will not have the knowledge to modify it. Also, to the extent you've already customized your Blogger layout, you may lose all of those customizations if you download a hack. Adding all those customizations back can be a painstaking waste of time.

Also, many free templates have not been updated and that means they will contain outdated, incompatible code. Worse, some unscrupulous programmers may have embedded malicious code within their templates. There's no reason to take these risks, because modifying your existing Blogger template really isn't all that hard.

The Advantage of Free Blogger Templates

The free templates provided by Blogger are current and up to date, and there is no risk of harming your computer. Blogger updates, when they inevitably occur, will still support your existing Blogger template even if you've customized it, but they may not be so kind to a third party work-around. What's more, I guarantee you that you will get to the point of wanting to customize your blog template, and the knowledge you will gain from adding a third column on your blog will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed in customizing it even further. This approach gives you total control over the layout and look of your blog.

If you have an existing blog and merely want to expand the template to include another column, our tutorials will be extremely helpful. The sole focus of Three Column Blogger is to show you how to add a new sidebar to your Blogger template - that's it. Tutorials on adding columns and sidebars is all we write about. Our tutorials will also show you how to adjust the margins and padding and other things incidental to adding a new column or sidebar.

Add a Third Column to Blogger Easily

So if adding a third column to your blogger template is what you want to do, you've come to the right place. Our tutorials will show you how to add a third column to any free blogger template quickly and easily. We offer step by step, template-specific instructions. No more guessing or translating from one three-column tutorial to another. We show you specifically how to add a third column to YOUR blogger template. We look forward to helping you achieve your third column nirvanna soon!

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